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Analyst Boot Camp (ABC) II

In this course, participants will learn to use contemporary tools for macro-economic analysis, industry /market analysis and corporate strategy. The course also covers statistical/data analysis with MS Excel.

Tools for Macro-economic Analysis


Industry Analysis

  • Demand Analysis
  • Supply/Competitor Analysis
  • Porter’s Five Forces Model
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Case Study of Selected Industries

Corporate Strategy

  • Value Chain Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Balanced Scorecard

Selected Topics in Intermediate/Advanced MS Excel and MS Excel for Experts

  • Formulas and Functions
    • Relative and Absolute Referencing
    • Statistical functions: COUNT, SUMIF, COUNTIF, COUNTA, SUMIFS, SMALL, etc.
    • Text functions: TEXT, LEN, TRIM, LOWER, UPPER, PROPER, etc.
    • Logical functions: IF, OR, AND, IFERROR, ISERROR, etc.
    • Date functions: TODAY, MONTH, YEAR, NETWORKDAYS, etc.
    • Look-up functions: VLOOKUP (including use of wildcard characters), LOOKUP
  • Analysis Tools
    • Working with Pivot Tables
    • Goal Seek
    • Data Tables
  • Working with Named Ranges
    • Define Named Ranges
    • Edit Named Ranges
    • Use Named Ranges in Formulas
  • Spreadsheet Modelling Techniques
    • Custom Scenario Analysis
    • Sensitivity Analysis with Data Tables

Statistical Analysis with Excel

  • Standard Deviation
  • Variance Analysis
  • Regression Analysis

Data Presentation

  • Creating Dynamic Charts (e.g. using one chart for varying time series, locations, etc.)
  • Using Form Controls for Charts
  • Charts with Secondary Axis
  • Link Charts to MS Word and PowerPoint, with automatic update
  • Special charts
    • Waterfall Chart
    • GANTT Chart
    • Tornado Chart

Selected Topics in Financial Modelling

  • Define Inputs/Assumptions
    • Macro-economics
    • Project Cost
    • Financing
    • Revenue
    • Expenditure
    • Setting-up Scenarios
  • Setting-up the Reports
    • Statement of Profit or Loss
    • Statement of Financial Position
    • Statement of Cash Flows
    • Summaries/KPIs

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