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Basic Microsoft Excel

Designed for users with basic-level knowledge, this course teaches participants about worksheet mechanics and time-saving navigation techniques, creating and working with databases, working with functions and formulas, formatting (including conditional formatting), creating and working with Pivot Tables, etc.

Participants will also learn helpful hints, tips and tricks and keyboard shortcuts.

Worksheet Mechanics

  • The Ribbon (Tabs, Groups and Commands)
  • Time-saving Worksheet Navigation Techniques and Keyboard Short-cuts
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Insert/Delete Rows and Columns
  • How to:
    • Select Non-Contiguous Cells/Ranges
    • Control Your Worksheet View
    • Group Worksheets
    • Create a Data Series
  • Numbers
  • Dates
    • Use Comments to Explain Cell Contents

Working with Databases

  • Define an Excel ‘Database’/‘Table’
  • Database/Analysis Tools
    • Sort
    • Filter
    • Working with Text Files (the Text-to-Column Wizard)
    • Sub-Total
    • Data Validation
  • Printing Techniques
    • Working with Page Set-Up: Headers and Footers, Repeat Header Rows, Set Print Area, Scaling, etc.

Formulas and Functions

  • Building Formulas/Expressions to Perform Calculations
  • Operator Order
  • Relative and Absolute Referencing
  • Statistical Functions: SUMIF, SUMPRODUCT, AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTIF, etc.

Formulae and Functions (cont’d)

  • Text Functions: CONCATENATE, UPPER, TRIM, PROPER etc.
  • The IF function
  • The VLOOKUP function
  • ‘Nested’ Functions
  • How Excel Works with Dates
  • Date Functions e.g. TODAY, NOW, etc.
  • Calculations involving Dates


  • Working with the ‘Format Cells’ menu
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Introduction to Custom Formatting

Analysis Tools

  • Pivot Tables
    • Anatomy of a PivotTable Report
    • Grouping Data and other items
    • Using the Report Filter
    • Pivot Charts
  • Charts
    • Anatomy of a Chart
    • Working with Axes, Plot Area, Legend, etc.
    • Charting Techniques
      • Stacked Bar Chart
      • Pie ‘Explosion’
    • Creative Use of Colours for Emphasis

We offer discounts for group bookings (i.e group of delegates attending the same course at the same time) as follows:

    3-5 participants - 5% discount
    6-9 participants - 7.5% discount
    10 or more participants - 10% discount