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Advanced Financial Modelling with MS Excel


  • Overview of Project Finance
  • Implications of project finance terms/risks for financial modelling

Model Structure/Input Assumptions

  • Modelling Best Practices
  • Project Cost
  • Set up value drivers
  • Set up Scenarios

Financial Analysis & Modelling

  • Set up the financial statements (Statement of Profit or Loss, Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Cash Flows)

Modelling Mechanics

  • Include switch for ‘roll-up’ of time periods (monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually)
  • Include switch to accommodate construction delays
  • How to deal with Circular References and alternative approaches
  • ‘Good’ Circular References
  • Error checks
  • Include switches for different debt repayment profiles (level, annuity, etc.)
  • Separation of Construction and Operation time periods and time flexibility
  • Use of ‘flags’ for model timing
  • Modelling detailed Source & Use statement to account for construction cost profile and draw-down of different financing sources
  • Calculating the cost of different financing sources (senior/subordinated debt, preference shares, equity, etc.) and the WACC
  • Calculating the cost of equity
  • Modelling Cash Waterfall
  • Determine optimal capital structure
  • Modelling complex debt amortisation schedules (including capitalisation of Interest During Construction)

Project Evaluation

  • Net Cash from operations before debt Service
  • Modelling Debt Covenants
  • Cash flow to equity and debt providers
  • Return to Equity, NPV, IRR and other measures

Risk and Uncertainty

  • Identifying and modelling project risks

Analysis Tools

  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Scenario analysis
  • Monte Carlo simulation

Optimization and Targeting

  • Use Goal Seek and Solver

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